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Basic RiderCourse

The Basic RiderCourse is the best place for new riders to start once you’ve made the decision to ride.

This is a 15-hour course; five classroom hours and 10 hours riding a motorcycle

  • The motorcycle and helmet are provided.
  • Graduates of this course are qualified for a motorcycle license test waiver (check your State).
  • Colorado will waive both the written and riding tests for your M endorsement with this class.
  • Graduates may qualify for insurance premium discounts with some motorcycle insurers.
  • Completion of the Basic RiderCourse satisfies the requirements of the Department of Defense regulations regarding motorcycle training for active duty military members and civilians operating a motorcycle on military installations. The Basic RiderCourse also satisfies the training requirement for active duty members operating a motorcycle off of military installations.

This course covers the basic fundamentals for you to develop your capabilities to become a safe and responsible motorcyclist. It provides the opportunity for you to learn the physical and mental skills important for operating a motorcycle. In the classroom, you will learn ways to minimize risk and handle special riding situations. During the riding portions of the Basic RiderCourse, you will be coached to develop the physical skills of basic control that include: clutch/throttle control, straight line riding, stopping, turning, and shifting, and then move on to more advanced skills in stopping quickly, cornering,and swerving. Your Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified RiderCoaches are here to help guide you through your learning journey.

Be sure to ask lots of questions and let your RiderCoaches know how to help you.

Please contact MTA so that we are aware of any special medical requirements or any other special considerations that may be required. Click here to find out more.

You must provide your own eye protection, over the ankle footwear (non-canvas), full fingered gloves, sturdy long pants and long sleeves.

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