MSF DirtBike School

DBS is a one-day training course conducted off-road on dual-purpose motorcycles intended for riders interested in recreational trail riding. Content includes riding skills development, risk management and environmental awareness. Having off-road skills can also enhance the on-road riding experience.

The class covers controls, moving the motorcycle (clutch, starting, stopping) riding posture, shifting, lower body control, turning, riding management, turning and gap selection, counterbalancing, riding over obstacles, K-turn, U-turns on hills, traversing hills, riding responsibly, and post ride check/dismissal.

Many adults take the course with their children and/or family members to enjoy the memorable experience.

Bring your own motorcycle or use one of ours! A training motorcycle may be rented for an additional $20.

Minimum requirements for class include safe off-road or dual-sport motorcycle with appropriate tires for dirt riding and fuel for 6-8 hours of riding, spare spark plug and basic tool kit (plug wrench, etc), DOT helmet, jacket, sturdy pants, gloves, eye protection, and over-the-ankle boots. (You can also rent limited off-road riding gear from us.) Hydration packs (CamelBak, canteens, etc.) are recommended for all seasons. Long sleeves recommended for summer.

Class Sizes

  • Ages 6 - 11 — Maximum of 4 students ($120)
  • Ages 12 - 15 — Maximum of 6 students ($120)
  • Ages 16 and older — Maximum of 8 students ($120)

Note: Ages 6 - 11 cannot be taught with other age groups except in family/group classes.

If you must reschedule and fail to contact us at least 48 hours before the start of your class, a $25 rescheduling fee will be applied.

Class Information

8 8 hrs

Class Locations

Class times are approximate and could go longer than indicated. We typically send an email reminder 24-48 hours prior to class indicating exact times and location.