Third Party DMV Testing

We offer the Colorado DMV third party testing for motorcycles and 3-wheel for the riding portion at our Colorado Springs and Florence locations. There is a $50 charge for the riding test. Sorry but there are NO free re-takes.

We can test almost any time with a two-day notice. We do not conduct testing in inclement weather. This includes: rain, snow, lightning and extreme cold.

Here is a copy of the Colorado Motorcycle Operator's Manual to study for your written test.

You must provide:

  • A valid Colorado motorcycle or 2-wheel instructional permit.
  • A motorcycle or 3-wheel motorcycle in safe condition (we do not provide bikes).
  • Proof of Insurance.
  • You must provide your own shatter-resistant eye protection, sturdy over the ankle footwear (non-canvas), long sleeved shirt or jacket, long non-flare denim pants or equivalent protective material and full fingered gloves, preferably leather.
  • Valid registration


If you go through the Colorado Springs DMV, normal wait time is 3-5 hours per trip. One trip to take the written test (3-5 hours), then come to us for the riding test, then back to the DMV to get your license (another 3-5 hours), a possible total of ten or more hours!

Our Experienced RiderCourse (BRC2) will waive both the written and the riding portion of the DMV tests. Only one visit to the DMV plus most insurance companies will give you a discount after completing the ERC. We have this class almost every Friday.

To set up an appointment for a DMV test, call us at 719-380-1448. Please have three appointments (date and time) in mind in case your first time slot is already taken by another student.

Class Information

1 20 mins

Class Locations

Class times are approximate and could go longer than indicated. We typically send an email reminder 24-48 hours prior to class indicating exact times and location.