Street RiderCourse

For newly licensed riders. It is designed to be your ideal first street riding experience by venturing out under the supervision and guidance of a RiderCoach, who will be narrating the ride and giving real-time instruction to participants. This half-day program includes classroom activities to assess and improve your perceptual skills, practice time on basic riding skills, and a couple of hours of actual street riding in a local area.

  • Passengers are NOT allowed.
  • Three-wheelers CAN be accommodated.

Motorcycle Requirements:
Street Legal; Proof of Registration and Insurance; Current Inspection; Written Permission of Motorcycle Owner if not owned by Student; Pass Instructor Visual, Safety Inspection.

In addition, personal motorcycles must be conducive to street training, particularly with respect to the decibel level of the exhaust system. It is also important that the motorcycle used for training be compatible with the use of radios (not produce radio interference).

Student Requirements:
Must be a licensed, motorcycle operator, and demonstrate overall motorcycle control by passing a qualifying skill assessment on the motorcycle they will be using in the course. The skills evaluated include a slow ride, right turns from a stop, and left/right-hand curves with a stop.

You must provide your own shatter-resistant eye protection, sturdy over the ankle footwear (non-canvas), long sleeved shirt or jacket, long non-flare denim pants or equivalent protective material and full fingered gloves, preferably leather.

Please call our registration office at (719) 380-1448 or 866-344-9345
for details and scheduling.