3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse

Who Should Take This Class:

  • The best place for new 3-wheel riders to start once you’ve made the decision to ride.
  • Riders wanting their Colorado 3-wheel motorcycle endorsement. (other States MAY also accept this course)
  • Anyone who has little to no 3-wheel motorcycling experience.
  • 3-wheel Riders returning to motorcycling after a few years of not riding.
  • 3-wheel riders seeking motorcycle insurance discounts from many major insurance carriers.

What I Will Experience:

  • Approximately 16 total hours; 8-hours riding, 8-hours classroom.
  • 2 days.
  • Skills covered include:
    • Shifting
    • Cornering at low speed
    • Low speed maneuvering
    • Quick stops
    • Swerving
  • Knowledge Test
  • Skill Test

Requirements to Take the Class:

  • You may bring your own 3-wheel motorcycle (proof of insurance and registration will be checked), or a Can Am may be provided. If you bring your own 3-wheel motorcycle, it must meet the following requirements:
    • 3-track wheel orientation (leaves 3 separate tracks during straight line operation). Dual wheels may be front or rear.
    • Motorcycle-based conversion or design with handlebar steering.
    • Motorcycle-type controls arranged with the standard convention (convenience alterations such as a single brake pedal or lever control, automatic clutch, or automatic transmission are allowed)
    • Saddle seating (Seating causes rider/passenger to straddle vehicle) If designed for a passenger, passenger must be seated behind operator
    • Turning diameter of the vehicle at its widest point must be less than 40 feet.
    • The vehicle must meet all applicable federal/state on-road vehicle standards.
  • Unfortunately, vehicles with the following designs characteristics cannot be accommodated in the 3WBRC:
    • Automotive hybrids or automotive conversions.
    • Vehicles with automotive controls or seating.
    • Vehicles with rear or front mounted engines (engines must be mounted midframe below the rider).
    • Vehicles with enclosed or semi-enclosed riding compartments. If designed for a passenger, passenger must be seated behind operator.
    • Any other significant departure from the standard motorcycle design.
    • No sidecars or detachable "trike kits".
  • You must provide the required personal protective gear:
    • DOT Certified ¾ or full faced helmet. (One may be provided if you don't have one)
    • Shatter-resistant eye protection
    • Sturdy over the ankle footwear (non-canvas)
    • Long sleeved shirt or jacket
    • Long non-flare denim pants or equivalent protective material
    • Full fingered gloves, preferably leather
  • If you must reschedule and fail to contact us at least 48 hours before the start of your class, a $75 rescheduling fee will be applied.
  • Please contact MTA so that we are made aware of any special medical requirements or other special considerations that may be required.

We have also partnered with the Can-Am Spyder Rider Education Program to offer this course at a reduced rate of $99 when using a Spyder.

Click here for details and registration.

Class Information

12 16 hrs

Class Locations

  • Colorado Springs, CO
    • (Classroom - Chapel Hills Mall)
    • (Riding - Chapel Hills Mall)
    • Day 1: 8am-5pm
    • Day 2: 8am-5pm
    • Class is on the 2nd floor of Chapel Hills Mall next to Dillard's. Use the exterior mall entrance between Burlington Coat Factory and Dillard's.
Class times are approximate and could go longer than indicated. We typically send an email reminder 24-48 hours prior to class indicating exact times and location.

If any class doesn't meet the minimum of four students,
it will be rescheduled.

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