3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse

The best place to start once you've made the decision to ride a 3-wheel motorcycle, whether the two wheels are in the back or the front.

Basic, entry-level, learn-to-ride 3-Wheel Motorcycle (3WMC) training and education course. It provides the same fundamental skills as the BRC, but on 3-wheel, 3-track motorcycles (not sidecars). Only 3WMC's are allowed in a 3WBRC, and the student are highly encouraged to supply their own 3WMC (we may be able to supply a limited number of 3WMCs). MSF has very specific definitions of what a 3WMC can and cannot be.

Successful completion of the 3WBRC class waives the need to take the Colorado DMV written examination and road test.

Class Information

6 14 hrs

Class Locations

Class times are approximate and could go longer than indicated. We typically send an email reminder 24-48 hours prior to class indicating exact times and location.