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Training riders today, for a safer tomorrow.

We offer training and licensing to both new and experienced motorycle riders.

Current Specials

Entry Level Bundle (Bundles must be purchased through office)

Bundle the Weekend Basic RiderCourse and the Street RiderCourse 1 for $500! Go with one of our RiderCoaches on the street for the first time after you get your license.

Take our 3WBRC for only $49!

Promo good for July, call the office for discount code.

ERC Discount Deal (Bundles must be purchased through office)

Take the BRC through us and receive a 10% discount on an Experienced RiderCourse if taken within 12 months of completing the BRC. Have your MSF Completion Card number to get the savings.

MTA News

3-Wheel Advanced Classes

We are so excited to announce that MTA be able to offer advanced classes for 3-wheels! 2 new classes are coming. A 1-day 3WBRC-2 class that hopefully will qualify as a 3W license waiver and a 1-day 3W Advanced RiderCourse. More to follow....


The road to obtaining your 3-wheel endorsement and peace of mind riding has never been easier.

For a limited time, learn to ride for only $99.

Choose your location and sign up to a class available near you.

Did You Know...

Successful completion of either the Basic RiderCourse OR Experienced RiderCourse will waive all testing at the Colorado DMV for your motorcycle endorsement. Successful completion of the 3-Wheel BRC will waive all testing at the Colorado DMV for your 3-Wheel endorsement.