Training riders today, for a safer tomorrow.

We offer training and licensing to both new and experienced motorycle riders.

Current Specials

Entry Level Bundle (Bundles must be purchased through office)

Bundle the Weekend Basic RiderCourse and the Street RiderCourse 1 for $425! Go with one of our RiderCoaches on the street for the first time after you get your license.

Experienced Rider Bundle (Bundles must be purchased through office)

Bundle the Advanced RiderCourse and the Ultimate Bike Bonding RiderCourse for $175!

BRC2 Discount Deal (Bundles must be purchased through office)

Take the BRC through us and receive a $20 discount on a Basic RiderCourse 2 if taken within 12 months of completing the BRC. Have your MSF Completion Card number to get the savings.

MTA News

We are proud to now offer one of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's newest course-the Street RiderCourse!

For newly licensed riders. It is designed to be your ideal first street riding experience by venturing out under the supervision and guidance of a RiderCoach, who will be narrating the ride and giving real-time instruction to participants. This half-day program includes classroom activities to assess and improve your perceptual skills, practice time on basic riding skills, and a couple of hours of actual street riding in a local area.

Did You Know...

Successful completion of either the Basic RiderCourse OR Basic RiderCourse 2 will waive all testing at the Colorado DMV for your motorcycle endorsement. Successful completion of the 3-Wheel BRC will waive all testing at the Colorado DMV for your 3-Wheel endorsement.